I’ve always had sensitive skin, but a few years ago I started getting horrible rashes to the point I could barely shower. I tried to determine what I was allergic to in my soaps - but the ingredients labels were impossible to read. I learned that most commercial soaps contain detergents and synthetic fragrances oils with hidden ingredients. I ended up using a specialty unscented soap. It didn’t make my skin constantly itch, but it was runny, had no lather and no scent.

I decided to make my own soap the old fashioned way without synthetic fragrance oils. My skin healed quickly, but I knew there had to be a better formulation than the recipe I found online. I made dozens of test batches my first year to determine the best formulation and launched my business with this recipe in 2019. This recipe includes no synthetic fragrance oils, no palm oil (drying to many skin types and unsustainably produced), is long-lasting and has a great lather. Every bar comes with a full ingredients list - no hidden ingredients. I tweaked this recipe for two years to make it perfect, just for you and yours!